"Kelsee Sweigard is dynamite as Maureen, the out-there performance artist who turns the heads of all the boys and the girls. This is the role that made Idina Menzel a star, and Sweigard dives into it with full force." 

Talkin' Broadway (Minneapolis), Arthur Dorman

"Maureen, played by Kelsee Sweigard, is bold, bawdy and ready to create change now. Sweigard is a powerhouse, vocally, and physically. She is a powerful presence who commands (and deserves) the spotlight."

- BroadwayWorld Houston, Pnina Topham

"Maureen Johnson (the spectacular Kelsee Sweigard) ... part Betty Boop innocence, part vamping torch singer, brings down the house. She is a real gem. ... 'Take Me or Leave Me,' is tailor made for Sweigard and Mbolekwa, and their performance is hands down the show’s finest."

The Theatre Mirror (Boston), Michael Hoban

"Sweigard’s Maureen is the perfect mix of sass and sex without seeming like overtly fictitious character. Her introductory song “Over the Moon” can come off clunky and unnecessary, but her version is a hilarious few minutes that completely encapsulates the character."

UHCL The Signal (Houston), Emily Nichelle Wolfe

"...Each had their own numbers that portrayed their immense talent. Sweigard's portrayal of 'Over the Moon' was absolutely hysterical. There was audible laughter throughout the theatre. Sweigard took the performance art piece and ran with it and was truly able to make it her own."

BroadwayWorld Jacksonville, Jordan Higginbotham

"Maureen (Kelsee Sweigard) ... stuns with a stage presence and vocals that emphasize the power and dramatic nature of her character."

MediaMate (Boston), Rachel Erwin

"This touring cast is strong, with several standouts including ... Kelsee Sweigard as Maureen. ...One of the best renditions of 'La Vie Bohème' I’ve ever seen, and ditto for Sweigard and her hilarious version of 'Over the Moon.' Meanwhile, Mbolekwa and Sweigard had terrific chemistry during 'Take Me Or Leave Me.'" (St. Louis), Kevin Brackett

"Sweigard’s powerful rendition of ["Take Me Or Leave Me" is] the heart of the play. ... Sweigard makes Maureen’s performance piece about the cow jumping over the moon a true highlight."

Calgary Herald, Louis B. Hobson

"Kelsee Sweigard’s performance as Maureen Johnson is unforgettable."

The Theatre Guide (Philadelphia), Amanda VanNostrand